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Children’s Home Society of Minnesota Contact Info:

Main Office:
1605 Eustis Street
Saint Paul, MN 55108
651-646-7771 | 800-952-9302

General Contact  Email:


Alexandria, MN
Saint Cloud, MN
Duluth, MN
Red Wing, MN

Children’s Home Society of Minnesota (Children’s Home) is a non-profit child placing agency licensed in Minnesota, Maryland and Virginia. Our current services include; International Adoption, Infant Adoption, Foster Care, Foster Care Adoption, Education, and Adoption Support Services including Post-Adoption Services. Our agency defines family as consisting of two or more people, whether living together or apart, related by blood, marriage, adoption, or commitment to care for one another.

In 2012, Children’s Home and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS) combined complementary adoption services, high standards of quality, and experience creating and supporting families. Both organizations have a long history that began with the mission of providing care and finding families for orphaned children in 1865 (LSS) and 1889 (Children’s Home). To meet the growing need of children in Minnesota’s foster care system, in 2018 Children’s Home expanded our services to provide licensing, education and preparation for foster care resource families.

Communities Served:
Prospective/current foster parents
Prospective/current adoptive parents
Prospective/current kinship caregivers
Foster or adopted children/teens
Adults who have experienced foster care or adoption

Regions Served:
All Regions in Minnesota

Wait or Response Times:
Response time for inquiries: 2 business days
No wait time for Child Specific Recruitment Assignment
Wait time for non-relative home study assessments: 4-6 weeks

Services Provided

  • Agency-specific education
  • Home studies and home study updates
  • Relative/kinship outreach
  • Relative/kinship home studies and home study updates
  • Placement
  • Child-specific recruitment
  • Post-adoption services
  • Innovative Family Finding Services

Pre-Adoption and Foster Care Training: Children’s Home provides centralized 16-hour pre-adoption education to prepare families who intend to parent a child or children under guardianship in Minnesota. The training is offered in three formats – online, hybrid, and in-person – and includes additional training opportunities for one year following the completion of the initial 16-hour course. Children’s Home also hosts live quarterly Deeper Dive webinars to expand on topics introduced in the pre-adoption training. For more information visit Children’s Home Foster Care Adoption Education Classes.

Peer Support and Support Groups: Children’s Home offers support groups for foster and adoptive caregivers, adoptees, and birth parents to connect and receive support. Support groups include: LGBTQ+ Caregivers; Search & Reunion; Adopted Adults; Parents of Adopted Adults. To learn more, visit Support Groups – CHLSS.

Online Adoptee Community: Children’s Home runs a private Facebook group for adult adoptees to discuss adoption-related topics, share resources, and build community, and is open to any Minnesota resident. The group is monitored by a Children’s Home staff member who is also an adult adoptee. To access the online community visit Post Adoption – CHLSS.

Openness Consultation Service: Children’s Home offers the Openness Consultation Service to assist members of the adoption triad navigate situations in which they are contemplating openness with another member of the triad, or are wanting guidance with specific interactions. Participants receive a consultation and up to six sessions of applicable coaching.
Follow the link to learn more: Openness Consultation Service

Community Closet & Material Support to Relative and Kin: Children’s Home offers a community closet to relative/kinship caregivers who have formal placement of a relative/kin child, informal placement of a relative/kin child, or have a finalized adoption or TPLPC of a relative/kin child. Service is available through internal referral only. To learn more visit To learn more about kinship family support services, please contact or call 651-255-2212.


  • Free Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Use of accessiBe on our website (WCAG & ADA compliant)
  • Our Adoption Support Fund helps to eliminate fee barriers from things like transportation to necessary appointment for relative client to covering the service fee for clients in need of assistance
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