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Foster Adopt Minnesota Contact Info:

Main Office Address:
2446 University Ave W, Suite 140
St. Paul, MN 55114



Foster Adopt Minnesota (FAM) is a non-placing/non-home study organization that provides statewide pre and post permanency support services. Most of our services are free of charge* and are available to prospective and current adoptive, foster and kinship caregivers; children and adults who have experienced adoption or foster care; birth/first families; and professionals supporting these individuals.

All services are available via web, phone or email and are equally accessible throughout the state of Minnesota.

FAM has operating hours of 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. We offer a resource-rich website that is available 24/7 and includes contact and referral forms to request more information or access services.

The FAM Education Program offers live webinars at no cost but does require modest registration fees for live in-person trainings and on-demand webinars. All other FAM services are provided at no cost.

Communities Served:
Prospective/current foster parents
Prospective/current adoptive parents
Prospective/current kinship caregivers
Birth/first parents
Foster or adopted children/teens
Adults who have experienced foster care or adoption

Regions Served:
All Regions in Minnesota

Services Provided

Meet the Kids
An initiative through Foster Adopt Minnesota’s Zero Kids Waiting Program, Meet the Kids helps raise awareness about children and teens in Minnesota’s foster care system who are in need of permanency. These efforts include an online searchable photolisting of Minnesota’s Waiting Children, Minnesota Live (formerly Twin Cities Live – Kid Connection), All About Me, and features in local newspapers throughout the state.

To learn more, visit:

Zero Kids Waiting (ZKW) Program
The gateway to information about adoption, foster care, and kinship care in Minnesota. Provides statewide information about adoption, foster care, and kinship care based on individual needs. Raises public awareness and advocacy through community events and partnerships with local news and print media. Creates online features of children in Minnesota who need an adoptive family immediately.

For general adoption, foster care and kinship care information or inquiries about a specific child, contact

Education for foster, adoptive, & kinship parents, and professionals: Foster Adopt Minnesota supports families by providing trainings on mental health, the effects of trauma, and common challenges for adopted children and those in foster care and kinship placements. FAM is a strong resource for professionals who serve youth connected with the child welfare system. Trainings offered specifically to professionals include topics such as supporting birth family connections, working with LGBTQ+ youth, trauma, and the culture of poverty.

Visit for more information and reach out with any questions via email:

HELP Program
Foster Adopt Minnesota offers a warmline for all adoptive, foster and kinship families throughout Minnesota and is staffed by HELP Specialists with advanced training in permanency support services. This free service connects families with adoption, trauma and attachment competent therapists in their area, parent consultation, training, and needed community resources. The HELP Program also assists eligible families with funding to help with the cost of therapy with vetted therapists and eligible supports.

Reach the HELP line at 1-855-670-HELP or 612-746-5137. For more information, contact

Post-Permanency Navigator
Foster Adopt Minnesota sends outreach and post-permanency support information to parents and caregivers who have recently finalized adoptions or Transfers of Permanent Legal and Physical Custody (TPLPC) guardianships of children from Minnesota foster care. The Post-Permanency Navigator helps to address their questions and resource needs, raises awareness around the post-permanency services available in Minnesota, and connects parents and caregivers to those service providers—for up to 12 months past their families’ adoption or TPLPC finalizations.

For more information, contact

Post-Adoption Search 
Foster Adopt Minnesota provides post-adoption referral services to assist eligible searchers in connecting with their adoption-placing agency and county of adoption finalization. FAM also provides Post-Adoption Funding to eligible requestors when other funding is unavailable.

For more information on post-adoption search services, contact

Permanency Services Resource Hub
Foster Adopt Minnesota maintains a statewide, centralized resource and referral hub for the kinship, foster, and adoption communities in Minnesota and the professionals who serve them. The purpose of the Permanency Services Resource Hub is to raise awareness of and increase access to the services and supports provided by the Private Public Adoption Initiative (PPAI) and Permanency Support Services (PSS) agencies in Minnesota.

For more information, contact

Wait or Response Times:

  • Zero Kids Waiting (ZKW) Program: Within 2 business days.
  • Education for foster, adoptive, & kinship parents, and professionals: Within 2 business days.
  • HELP Program: 1-2 business days for initial response. 1-5 business days for intake appointment.
  • Post-Permanency Navigator Program: 3-5 business days
  • Post-Adoption Search Services: Within two business days for initial response; search results timelines vary.
    • For those placing a search inquiry through Foster Adopt Minnesota, due to a dramatic increase in requests since July 1st, response times may be up to 80 days.
  • Permanency Services Resource Hub: 2-3 business days.
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