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Adoption Medicine Clinic, University of Minnesota Program Contact Info:

Main Office Address:
717 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414

General Contact  Email:

Additional Office Location:
Voyager Clinic
2512 S. 7th St
(1st Floor)
Minneapolis, MN 55454

The Adoption Medicine Clinic (AMC) at the University of Minnesota was the first program of its kind and continues to be a global innovator in research, education, advocacy and comprehensive care for children who have experienced early adversity. Since its founding in 1986, the AMC has helped to define the field of early childhood trauma, providing care for hundreds of thousands of adopted and foster care children worldwide.

We know that children who have been adopted or that have experienced out of home placement, like foster or kinship care, are at a greater risk for prenatal drug and alcohol exposures, prenatal stress and postnatal trauma compared to their peers. Because of this, it is critical that all children (even those placed at birth) receive proper assessment from trauma informed foster and adoption specialists, to decrease misdiagnosed or undiagnosed conditions. Conditions left untreated in early childhood, can result in conditions later on that can affect adolescents and adults, long term.

The Adoption Medicine clinic offers pre-adoptive medical resource services, as well as clinical services to post-adoptive and foster/kinship families. Our multidisciplinary team focuses on providing early intervention and prevention services to children as they grow and develop, so they can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Communities Served:
Prospective/current foster parents
Prospective/current adoptive parents
Prospective/current kinship caregivers
Foster or adopted children/teens

Regions Served:
All Regions in Minnesota

Services Provided

The Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessments (CCWA) is a 1-hour clinical assessment for foster, adoptive and kinship children. Our expertise is focused on children ages 0 to 10 years old. Assessments examine medical, developmental, cognitive and mental health needs. Children will be screened by our team made up of a pediatrician, occupational therapist and child psychologist, all who specialize in adoption, foster care and trauma informed care. As a part of the CCWA, when needed, children will receive a head to toe physical, bloodwork to screen for underlying medical conditions, screening for sensory processing and developmental disorders, medical screening for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, mental health risk screening, oral health exams (4-10 years) and referrals to necessary specialists for further evaluation and medical care. By request, our clinic can provide specific FASD medical screening for children 10-20 years old.

The Adoption Medicine Clinic seeks to intervene as early as possible in a child’s life by addressing the physical, development and mental health needs related to early trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Early intervention has been proven to improve the lives of children and prevent secondary negative impacts later in early adolescence and adulthood.

Adoption Medicine Clinic University of Minnesota is located at 2512 S. Seventh St. (1st floor), Minneapolis as a part of the MHealth Fairview Specialty Clinic – Voyager. All children that have been adopted or have experienced foster and kinship care are eligible for an appointment without a referral from a social worker or physician.

To make an appointment caregivers can call the scheduling line at 612-365-6777 and request a Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessment with the Adoption Medicine Clinic.

For more information, email, call 612-624-1164 or visit

In person appointments are preferred for the initial visit. Follow-ups may be done virtually upon request. Travel stipend assistance is available for those who have a financial need.

Wait Times: Current wait times for a Comprehensive Child Wellness Assessment are typically 2-3 months.

Pre-Adoption Consultation: A Pre-Adoption Consultation is a 1-hour virtual meeting with clinic director, Dr. Judith Eckerle. In this meet you will be able to discuss questions you may have about the potential long-term consequences of diseases and diagnosis on your medical checklist. This service is for families that have not yet received medical information on a specific child.

Pre-Adoption Medical Review: A Pre-Adoption Medical Review is a full review, by a medical doctor, of the information that you have received in a referral for a child (or children). These reviews can be completed in 24 or 72 hours depending on the need. To protect sensitive information all communication for Pre-Adoption Medical Reviews will be completed through an online secured portal.

Post-Placement Parent & Caregiver Coaching: Adoption specialist, Kimara Gustafson, MD, MPH will meet 1-on-1 with parents or caregivers to discuss methods for creating better alignment with their child, navigating past traumas, managing sensory or behavioral challenges, navigating transitions in care, supporting transracial or transcultural family structures, or maintaining relationships with biological family members.

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