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Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center Program Contact Info:

Main Office Address:
2300 15th Ave South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

General Contact  Email:


MIWRC Mission Statement:
To empower Native women and families to exercise their cultural values with integrity and to achieve sustainable lifeways while advocating for justice and equity.

The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is a non-profit social and mental health services organization committed to traditional ways of being and supporting Native women and their families.

Founded in 1984, MIWRC provides a broad range of programs designed to educate and empower Native women and their families and to inform and assist those who work to provide services to the community.

MIWRC is located in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis, which has the third largest urban American Indian population in the United States.

Programs are developed to reflect the needs of our families and are tailored to address issues that significantly affect their well-being, such as family services, affordable housing, chemical dependency, mental health care, cultural resilience and healing, and other family and community issues.

Communities Served:
Prospective/current foster parents
Prospective/current adoptive parents
Prospective/current kinship caregivers
Foster or adopted children/teens

Regions Served:

Permanency Support Services Provided:
The ICWA Kinship Program provides individualized support to Indian Child Welfare Act adoptive, foster, and kinship families. We also support families caring for relatives through formal and informal Kinship care, usually consisting of private arrangements between parents and relatives. The ICWA Kinship Worker visits with each family for barrier identification, compliance assistance, cultural support, resources, and more. The program offers ongoing support through case management, foster care support, cultural activities, advocacy, and connections with service providers and the community.

Feel free to contact Maria Smith at or Sarah Carlson at if you would like to discuss these services further or if you have questions.

Wait or Response Times:
2-3 business days

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