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National Resources 

While a vast majority of families who finalize adoptions and guardianships of children and teens from Minnesota foster care reside in Minnesota, a number of families reside in other states and countries as well. 

This section of the hub primarily features national organizations and additional resources, services, and lived experience perspectives that may be helpful for and accessible to all individuals, families, and professionals—regardless of geographic location. Some Minnesota-based organizations have been included as well—particularly those providing training and other resources that are not necessarily specific to a geographic region.

Please note that the resources on this list are not comprehensive and have been compiled for informational purposes only. This list should not be considered as an endorsement by the Minnesota Department of Human Services or the Permanency Services Resource Hub of these organizations, services, and perspectives.

Due to programmatic capacity and the nature of the Permanency Services Resource Hub, we are not able to accept unsolicited suggestions or requests for resource additions.

Please keep in mind that many of the core themes and considerations, challenges, perceptions, trauma experiences, losses, and struggles that are deeply woven throughout the fabric of the adoptee experience—can transcend beyond the avenues through which a family chooses to adopt. While the focus of the Permanency Services Resource Hub is permanency for children and teens who have experienced foster care, you will find many commonalities within these perspectives and lived experiences of individuals whose families chose other paths through which to adopt. 

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