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Foster Care and Education Classes – Online

- Online Webinar/Training, Support Group, or Meeting MN

The online track is best suited for individuals who want flexibility, have limited business hour availability, and/or those who prefer virtual learning. Couples may complete their education together or pursue it separately. Either way, each participant must attend the entirety of their chosen track. In this track, you will complete your education over a four-week…

Children’s Home and LSS Foster Care & Adoption Orientation

Children’s Home – St. Paul Office, 1605 Eustis Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55108, United States

Children’s Home and LSS welcome you to attend this free meeting to learn about fostering and adopting children from within the Minnesota foster care system. This orientation will provide an overview of the process and address details such as children served, timelines, fees (spoiler: there are practically none!), licensing requirements, and more. Along with completing…


Attachment – Why is it Important?

- Online Webinar/Training, Support Group, or Meeting MN

Attachment is the foundation of human development that is essential to the development of trust. Trust allows us to move forward in developing the skills we need to travel through…

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